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For all reservations and Inquiries please call us on :

Tel : 022 65050008
Tel : 022 64482009
Mobile : 9004190255
Mobile : 9004190256

Mr. Abhay Pednekar

Office - 3, Anjali Niwas,
Vakola Bridge,
Demello Compound,
Behind Dr. Manjrekar Clinic, Santacruz (East),
Mumbai 400055

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  • I am aware that the services are being charged for the time between 10 pm till 3 am and after 3 am, I will be charged and additional sum as overtime charges. ( Rs.50/- per hr.)
  • I give consent to APD Driver to operate my automobile in the event, I request their services. As a client of APD, I understand and confirm that my automobile will be insured through my current insurance policy.
  • I undertake to pay the amount confirmed upon at the time the driver reaches me. And I also confirm to pay for the additional costs post 3 am.
  • I shall not hold APD or the driver liable for any damages of whatsoever nature in connection with the services rendered herein to me.
  • I shall myself be liable and responsible for any damages to my car.
  • I am not carrying on any activity of illegal nature or contrary to the rules, Regulations and Norms laid down by various authorities.
  • APD shall not be liable or responsible if (i) any accident takes place, (ii) theft of car, belongings, petrol (iii) Ownership of the car and (iv) Insurance & Registration of the vehicle verification.
  • I shall provide with a prior notice of at least 2 hours in the event of cancellation failing which I undertake to pay the charges as mentioned above.
  • I shall render all assistance to each other for the smooth functioning of the terms and conditions as mentioned above.
  • In case of any dispute touching this contract, the courts at Mumbai alone will have jurisdiction

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